Why You Need Fire Alarm Monitoring For Your Property

Fire damage in buildings and properties is often devastating. Without fire alarm monitoring systems in place, properties are vulnerable to fire outbreaks.

Property loss aside, lives are also at risk when building fires occur. It is important to have fire alarm monitoring installed in properties with cooking equipment, heating systems, children, electrical equipment, etc., as they are at greater risk.

The National Fire Protection Association reports that every 24 seconds, they respond to a fire outbreak somewhere.

With fire alarm monitoring, you don’t have to be physically present to be notified in the event of a fire. This system works with a network of sensors strategically placed throughout your property. When any of these are triggered, both the property owner/manager and monitoring station are notified. You’ll then receive a phone call to confirm if it is a real emergency. If you do not respond immediately, emergency personnel will be dispatched to your property.

3 Major Benefits of Installing Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems

1. Early Fire Detection

The earlier fire is detected in a building, the faster firefighting measures can be taken. When the sensors are triggered, the staffed monitoring station is alerted, including the fire department (if confirmed to be a real emergency).

Even if your property is located in remote, hard-to-reach areas that may take some time for emergency fire services to arrive at, early detection gives you time to evacuate the premises. Fire suppression systems, such as sprinklers, can also be quickly activated to contain the spread.

2. Remote Property Monitoring

Property fires are sometimes not directly caused by human activity.

Some fires can occur without human presence at all. Faulty wiring, appliances left running, electrical surges, and more can trigger fires in your absence. Fire alarm monitoring systems ensure that you remain aware of your property’s status even when no one is around.

Mobile apps provide an added ease of convenience so you can check in on your property from wherever you are.

3. 24/7 Fire Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring systems ensure that your property is monitored around the clock. There are no off-hours; this means that your property remains protected when you are asleep at night or away on a trip.

You can relax knowing that your home is constantly being monitored and you’ll be immediately notified if there is any sign of a fire.

Safeguard Your Property with Seatronics Fire Solutions

It isn’t enough to simply install a fire alarm monitoring system on your property. The right fire protection company ensures that you get durable and quality fire alarm systems. With Seatronics Fire Solutions, you’ll never have to worry if your property is safe from fire outbreaks. Our systems are designed to quickly detect even the slightest indication of a fire and notify you immediately.

Our fire alarm monitoring systems come equipped with mobile functioning—simply download the app on your phone and you can check in on your property whenever and from wherever you are. We are committed to safeguarding your building against fire damage.

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