Fire Detection

Early fire detection saves lives and prevents damage

The team at Seatronics knows that when it comes to fire detection – every second counts. Each moment a fire goes unnoticed, the chance for early suppression and evacuation is decreased, putting your employees in danger. Not only does early fire detection save lives, but it also reduces the damage to valuable equipment and property.

Repairing this damage can cost your company and may cause normal work activity to stall. Implementing and properly maintaining fire detection equipment is crucial in saving and protecting your employees and valuable property. As a result, Seatronics combines expertise and modern technology that will save your company money in the long run.

Benefit from modern fire detection technology

Seatronics uses state of the art monitoring technology to ensure the earliest fire detection possible. Based in Seattle, Seatronics’ experienced team continues to perfect fire detection solutions to address the unique needs of the great northwest! Each client receives expert assistance with the setup and maintenance of fire detection equipment, as well as access to an intuitive and convenient 24/7 monitoring service. Monitor your facility from the comfort of your own home with web access or enjoy the convenience of our mobile app.

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