Fire Suppression

Get the right suppression system for your needs

Installing the proper fire suppression system for your facility is extremely important for many reasons. Whether it’s a server room filled with sensitive equipment or a hospital where vulnerable individuals must be kept safe, each situation requires a unique fire suppression solution to ensure the damage is minimized. Choosing the right system all while meeting numerous safety regulations can seem daunting, but Seatronics reduces the stress by assessing which one is best suited to your needs. Not only will you benefit from expert consultation, but you’ll also receive assistance with maintenance and periodic inspections to ensure maximum preparedness in case of a fire emergency.

Gaseous fire suppression system testing and services

A gaseous fire suppression system (also known as a clean agent fire suppression) effectively eliminates fires without the use of water, making it the best choice for facilities that contain a lot of electrical equipment. This method also allows individuals to see properly to evacuate the area quickly. Just as with any emergency alert system, gaseous fire suppression systems must be routinely checked and tested to ensure they are in working order. Seatronics has extensive experience implementing, inspecting, and repairing these systems. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your personnel and protecting your facility.

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