Your single source solution for all your fire protection needs.

Our rich company history has developed within our team a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the world of life safety.  We have become recognised as industry experts in highly complex VESDA installs and fire and life systems inspection and maintenance.  Trusted to create bespoke solutions for clients such as Boeing, Lumen, and ATT.

Bespoke Systems Design

We create bespoke expert systems for even the most challenging aviation and healthcare environments.

Highly Skilled and Certified

Industry leading team of designers, technicians and developers.

Continue Learning & Excellence

At Seatronics we consistently invest in learning and development to stay on the cutting edge of the industry

No False Alarm Guarantee

Using the latest technology we can guarantee you will never loose money by taking your systems offline for a false alarm.

68 Years Experience

Rich company history of keeping our clients and their teams protected with generations of in house expertise

24/7 Support and Monitoring

We monitor your facilities and key assets round the clock every day

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